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When it comes to vision recognition and scanning, both for 2D objects and 3D objects, EyeCue constantly exhibit unparalleled performance in the level of robustness, recognition accuracy and recognition response time. We have been thoroughly tested against the main competitors in the field and our solutions have been consistently superior. We don’t just deliver a general purpose SDK as some of our competitors do, since it will never be suitable for commercial products in real-world environments and therefore can never meet commercial grade expectations. We have a dedicated team of experts working on every single object that needs to be recognized, fully optimizing and customizing our algorithms in our unique lab to create the best in class recognition library for those objects, perfecting the recognition rate to no less than 100% positive recognition with 0% false rate. We always make sure the recognition is robust in every possible lighting conditions combinations so it can work under any lighting type, lighting color, etc… even under complete darkness.


Intellectual Property

We have been pioneers in bringing vision recognition to the toy and game industries and filed for our first patent back in 2006. Today, we have 16 issued patents and a dozen more pending worldwide, covering various aspects of utilizing computer vision in toy and game applications. This strong IP position brings additional value to our partners.



We enthusiastically work with our partners or their third party developers to integrate the recognition library into the product, in their local offices, and we always make sure the experience is nothing less than spectacular and flawless. In any case of a technical issue, we have an around the clock team to respond to critical issues, including next day travel to customers.


We have developed several techniques to make the recognition of 3D objects hack-free and it’s all covered in our extensive patent portfolio. Using our tech, it will be impossible for anyone to use images or videos to trick our recognition engine and therefore it can help our partners prevent losses of revenues due to piracy.


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